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Best content of 2020

Did 2020 feel like the longest year ever or what? Can you believe Tiger King came out at the beginning of the pandemic? It feels like a lifetime ago!  After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, January is always a time to slow down and reflect. As I've gotten more knowledgeable at work, things that used to take me longer now take less time, and so I've had more free time. Plus, volumes are generally down due to the pandemic. 2020 was also the year of content! So much content. With all this extra time I've been reading more, listening to podcasts, trying to watch less TV (but still a ton), and trying to prepare for my move as much as I can 6 months before (which is not much). Before I forget and life speeds up again, I wanted to recap some of my "best of" 2020.   Best books of 2020: I logged 25 books in 2020. I use the Libby app to check out books from my local library and I absolutely love it. It saves me having to buy books that I would never read more than onc

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