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London, 10 years later

Remarkably similar...except I learned how to fill in my brows.
When I first visited London in 2009, I fell in love. I was studying abroad at University College London (pre-blog!) for the fall semester and I absolutely fell in love with the city--with my neighborhood right on the edge of Regent's Park, the culture, the history, the international aspect of the city, the ability to fly to Paris for a weekend, with my friends and the new experiences we shared. I also had my first (real) relationship abroad, someone I was studying abroad with. I'm sure that relationship was heightened because we were both living abroad in a foreign city, and it fizzled out once we returned home, but both my relationship and London stayed with me for a long time after I returned home.

Of course as with most love affairs, they come to an end. In the years since I've graduated college, I've lost touch with the friends that I made studying abroad, moved cities multiple times, dated new people …

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