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Cabo Bachelorette

I had the best time at my bachelorette! I just returned from Cabo with my sister, new sisters-in-law, and 8 of my closest girlfriends for an epic bachelorette. It was an event to remember, in part because half of the group was struck by COVID! Thankfully, everyone got out of the country and is on the mend. Other than COVID (which honestly dominated the conversation for the final two days), we had the BEST time relaxing and hanging out away from our significant others, children/pets for a few days. I was so happy so many of my friends could make it at such a busy time in our lives.  We rented a beautiful villa in Pedregal (gated community in Cabo) called Casa Kee Mere complete with infinity pool and ocean view! Ready to go out night 1! The scene of the COVID crime  The next morning, we woke up to a fabulous brunch by Chef J, one of my closest friends who has a talent for cooking and entertaining. Unfortunately his talents are wasted at his corporate job, but we were lucky enough to enjo

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