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The end of an era

I graduated! For the last time ever! After 4 years of medical school in Baltimore, 3 years of residency in San Francisco, and 3 years of fellowship in Richmond, I am finally done with my medical training and officially an attending physician. I feel like I have reached the end of the long exalted tunnel, a moment I have dreamed about since I decided to pursue medicine. I'm not going to lie  — it feels good. Even after graduating medical school in 2015 or residency in 2018, it felt a little anti-climactic because I still had more training in front of me, and I was still years away from becoming a "real" doctor. Though I don't think the general public knows the difference between an intern, resident, fellow or attending doctor, an attending physician is the "real" doctor, the one who makes the ultimate decision in a patient's care, who can practice independently, and the one who makes the big bucks. I have about 6 weeks until I start my new attending posit

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