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Quarantine vacation (and cooking)

Vacation 2020...a parking lot across from our apartment
I've been on vacation for the past 10 days. What was originally planned to be a 2 week trip to Vietnam (Hanoi, Sapa, and Ha Long Bay) and Los Angeles to visit C's family turned into a staycation because of the global coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. While I have it better than most, only having my spring break cancelled but otherwise safe at home, it's been a different vacation than I'd hoped.  In addition to our collective grief regarding the global pandemic and an essentially nationwide quarantine, I've been personally grieving this vacation. While again, this is so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, our trip was planned more than a year in advance and it was the first time I was going to visit C's hometown. Instead of making new memories, I could only look back on memories from years past.  Spain in 2019, Italy in 2018, Japan in 2017, China in 2016, Southeast Asia in 2015. I was mournin…

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