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Our wedding weekend -- behind the scenes

We're married! We just had our wedding over the weekend and overall it was an incredible, wonderful day. I feel like I am coming down from a high right now, and I keep looking at pictures and texting my friends and family to relive it. Even my now husband, who is a very practical and non-sentimental person, said that it went really smoothly and that it was everything we could have hoped for.  However, the wedding planning process itself was incredibly stressful. This was something I did not expect, as I am a low-maintenance person. I never grew up dreaming about my wedding or having a clear vision for the day. Most of my wedding vision came from the last year of planning looking at blogs, Instagram/FB, Reddit, and listening to podcasts. Even the week/weekend leading up to the wedding, I was anxious and uptight. I feel like I had butterflies in my stomach and didn't have an appetite. It wasn't until I arrived at the wedding venue, the sun shining on a gorgeous Southern Calif

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