A belated V-day post

Confession: I've actually never dated someone on Valentine's day.

Chalk it up to short-ish relationships that always started or ended before or after Valentine's Day, but I've never had a boyfriend on February 14. Even though I know it's the most commercial holiday out there, a part of me used to stress about this when I was younger. "Next year, I'll definitely have a boyfriend for Valentine's day!" I thought. Well, it hasn't happened yet and over the years, I've stopped stressing about it too. This year, I chose to spend it with some of my favorites, my very own valentines, and had the best Gal-entine's day ever!

 I cooked shrimp and asparagus risotto, roasted acorn squash, and threw together a salad

Evil cat that reignited my cat allergy

Dancing to 90's love songs -- best Pandora station ever. 

If you're ever feeling single or down and out on V-day because you're not in a relationship (first of all, you shouldn't -- Valentine's day is just the same as any other day of the year!), get yourself out of your slump and spend it with people that you know you love. Cook yourself or your family a fancy meal you wouldn't normally attempt. And use the excuse to gorge yourself on all of the wine, strawberries, chocolate, and ice cream you want! I know we did =)


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