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I'm writing this in my ten minute break after taking one of my last biochem mini-tests and making dinner. It's officially been one week since I started studying for boards and it's, eh, going. I'm not overwhelmed yet, but give it a few more weeks with my score not improving. I'm fully anticipating it.

My schedule these few days literally consists of getting up at 7:30 am, making coffee and eating a breakfast cookie, and starting studying at 8:00 am with a pre-read of the relevant sections in First Aid (~2 hrs). Then taking a 30 question test in USMLE world (~2 hrs), which pretty much destroys any shred of confidence I built up in that subject. Then it's off for a run to let off that steam, followed by lunch and a shower. In the afternoon, it's more reading and more questions. Constantly reviewing why I got questions wrong, reinforcing topics that I got right. After dinner, it's time to redo some of the incorrect questions in World and then finish with "bugs and drugs," or reading the microbiology sections and going through pharmacology flashcards so we're cementing some of the more "high yield" material every night. I go to bed before 12. In the past seven days, I've been out of my apartment a grand total of twice, once for the fancy schmancy School of Medicine Gala my school puts on every year on Saturday night (aka an excuse to play dress up) and once to study at school because they were doing repairs in my apartment. I haven't seen anyone other than my roommate for the past three days. And it's going to get worse before it gets any better.

Right now, I'm doing ok. I think we've been brainwashed enough this year to know how important these next few weeks of preparation are for the Boards, and how important the Boards are for our future. I haven't felt a desire to take a day off yet, to get drunk yet, and I haven't cried yet -- good signs, I think. It's more of a begrudging acceptance of my fate for the next five weeks.

Rarely do I get the chance to really dress up, don a long gown, and go out on the town. I think this year marked the first year I actually wore long dresses (I always thought I was too short before)! These past couple weeks, we had both our end of 2nd year (Halfway There) formal and the aforementioned School of Medicine Gala.

 An upgrade from our usual PJ's and sweats

Yes, that is the same dress that I lent my friend on the left (from Asos). My gorgeous dress was courtesy of my sister (from Cache). Thanks J. 

 My lovely classmates! 


  1. Angelina leg action in the blue dress!

  2. you look beautiful in both dresses!

    call me anytime you need to blow off steam. i can't believe how hard you work and how dedicated you are. you are going to be an amazing doctor!


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