Beijing for break

I recently had the luxury to escape to Beijing for our week long fall break. It was a short trip but I managed to squeeze in some quality family time (including my cousin's wedding), sightseeing, pampering, shopping, and of course, eating. 
 Meeting J "right under Mao"
 Lucky to have bright blue skies for our Forbidden City day. I didn't even alter this photo!
"The Big Stone Slab" - apt translation
 Beihai, a lesser known park but a favorite of mine. It's right behind the Forbidden Palace, so it used to be the Emperor's garden/retreat. 
 J came to Beijing! And we ate Peking Duck, naturally. 
 Yang rou chuar
 Qian Men
 Yes, I asked my bathing attendant to take a picture of me in a red wine bath. Not awkward at all. 

 Look, you have your own chicken stand at Tian Yi! 
 Chinese food court. Sweet and sour pork, eggplant, Szechuan cold noodle, some of my favs. 
San Li Tur
Watching them make my favorite breakfast in the world (I'm aware I have a lot of favs)
 Tada, Chinese breakfast taco!
 Zen park right outside my grandparents' house. 


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