My second day in New York, we went straight to Brooklyn for the famous Smorgasburg food market.

I'm a couple years behind the times as this was my first trip to Brooklyn, long after it was popularized by "Girls" and the Williamsburg hipsters. The view of Manhattan called for a little happy dance in my new Topshop dress.

Having slept in, we missed breakfast and so we were ravenous when we arrived. After a quick walk around the market, we quickly decided on a brisket sandwich from Mighty Quinn's as our first bite of the day. Maybe I was just hungry, but it was literally the best brisket I've ever eaten. 
Not pictured, the best donut I've ever had,  an almond glazed one from Dough. So dense and doughy (d'oh!). 
Another first for me: my first lobster roll! Shared with my childhood friend S, who graduated med school and is now an intern in the city. 
First time trying a cemita too. Must. Find. In. DC.
The one thing I waited in line for were the fries. Paired with the japaleno ranch was better than even pomme frites the night before. 

The gorgeous backdrop and perfect 75 degree day called for another photoshoot after lunch.

Bellies stuffed and skin tanned (S got more than her share), we walked over Artists & Fleas, a mini-flea market right outside of Smorgasburg to browse some vintage threads and jewelry. Our celebrity siting of the day was Brie, a Top Model alum (anyone? Me neither, until J informed me of the fact)--no Lena Dunham to be found.

We then parted ways with J, who went off to his Staten Island wedding, and embarked through the sketchier side of Brooklyn in search of the Brooklyn flea. Half the subway lines were down, so it took us over an hour to get there, but at least we got to walk off 1/10 of the calories we just ate.
We emerged unscathed in Fort Greene park, which had a much more residential feel with playgrounds, basketball courts, churches, and the iconic Brooklyn brownstones. 

The Brooklyn Flea itself was junkier than I imagined and meant for a more patient consumer than I. Nonetheless, it was still fun to wander the stalls, never knowing when you'll find a treasure. 

Alas, by the end of the afternoon, we were all walked and eaten out, so we hopped on a train back to Manhattan before S had to start nights in the CCU. Even though my visit was short, I'm glad I got to pack so much in and catch up with friends and catch a glimpse of their life in the city. I've always loved New York--maybe the next chapter of my life will bring me here too! 


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