Man, I really have been slacking on the blog. I don't really have an excuse either. Second year is shaping up to be way better than first year, with most weekends off and me becoming more confident with how things operate at work. I've been taking advantage of most weekends off by taking some weekend trips recently. My parents came to SF last month for their annual pilgrimage and we went to Yosemite for a weekend, I went to LA to visit some friends the following week, and then I just came back from Seattle last week!

Thankfully, my parents didn't have to help us move this year (unlike last year where their entire visit was filled with helping us set up the apartment, going shopping, and cleaning) so they were free to be tourists and explore. Nights were filled with dinners with family friends and then we went to Yosemite for the weekend.

It was the first time at Yosemite for everyone. We're not a super outdoorsy family (our idea of exercise is a one hour hike with Charlie) plus my dad recently had knee surgery, so we mainly saw the valley by car, which was nonetheless beautiful. Unfortunately most of the falls were dry since we went at the end of summer, but that just means I'll have to go back when it's spring time.

Dry falls
The valley floor

It was hard to pack for the weather. I had originally packed long pants and long sleeves, but then it turned out to be 80 degrees and this was the only short sleeve tee I packed!  Then we ended up not really hiking anywhere, so JJ joked that I could have worn sandals all day. Outfit fail :(

"high school graduation" pics with my 50 mm lens

With the parental units

Tunnel view
Glacier point -- my favorite part of the park

Half dome in the background
Snapping away

Half dome at dusk

The whirlwind tour with my family was a great overview and intro to the park, but I feel like there was still so much we didn't even touch on. I'd like to try hiking or camping in the spring time when all the falls are running. With the beauty and majesty of Half Dome and El Capital so close, now I see what the hype is all about. 


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