Maroon Bells, Aspen

As the finale to my interview trail, I spent my last weekend away visiting my best friend R in Colorado. We grew up together, first meeting at Chinese School (!) in middle school and then attending high school together, riding the bus 45 minutes each way and attending every after school event together, and she's been with me through thick and thin even though we've lived in different cities since college. It's always sort of bittersweet to visit R because as much as I love spending time with her and hanging out just like old times, I can't help but make comparisons because I feel like she's so settled in her life with a husband, a new house, and now a new puppy, where as I'm so unsettled and uncertain in my (personal) life. But it is no doubt soul fulfilling to have quality girl time with such an old friend who has always been there and supported me throughout so much of my life. R is also always up for adventure, so this time we took the opportunity to drive up to Aspen from her home near Denver to see Maroon Bells with her new golden retriever puppy O!

Maybe I'll have a dog in the mountains in 5-10 years?

Good puppy

Me and my bestie with her new pup! 
Maroon bells lived up to the hype and more

Love you, R!
Thanks for being my photog

Me acting cool and collected (and posing for a picture) after spraining my foot for the second time in three months 

R switched shoes with me after I sprained my ankle so I could have more foot support on the hike back!
But it was worth it! For this view and hike at Maroon Bells. And my ankle ended up being fine. 


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