Scribe Winery

Scribe Winery has been at the top of my list to visit for a few years now. Fellow Bay Area folks will know that it's pretty insta-famous with great views, a classic farm to table California aesthetic, and some great wine to boot. I found that whenever I was in the Napa or Sonoma area visiting other wineries, Scribe would inevitably be booked out (all the most popular ones tend to be). So when my friend J came back to visit SF on his way back from Australia (you might remember him visiting around Christmastime on his way to Australia), I decided it was finally time to check it out and made a reservation a week ahead of time. 

We arrived on a bright and sunny morning in January (California ftw) and were greeted with welcome wine and a beautiful spread on their wraparound patio. Scribe approaches their tastings differently in that they serve you either on their patio or their porch (you don't stand at the bar) for more of sit-down experience. Our visit included 4 wines (two whites and two reds) and some almonds, beans, olives, a light salad and a bite of lamb, which was a little pricey for $60 each but worth it to enjoy their patio on the beautiful day. Think of it as less of a tasting and more of a multi-course mini meal with a wine pairing.

What a treat to be able to visit with my favorites when it was 60 and sunny in January! This is one of the things I'll miss the most about living in California after I leave. The ability to drive one hour north to wine country and feel like you're on vacation in the middle of "winter."

Scribe Winery is housed in a Hacienda style house so you feel a little bit like you're on a Mexican spa retreat in the middle of Sonoma.
After lunch, we took a quick walk around the grounds before scheming to find more food since we were still hungry.

After this, we stopped at Fremont Diner quickly but didn't feel like waiting the hour plus, so made our way back to the city for some friend chicken lol. I would definitely recommend Scribe for a treat in Sonoma, but maybe go for an afternoon snack instead of lunch!


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