The Big 3.0.

Ah, the big 3.0. The year (most) women dread as it signals the end of their "growing up" years, the carefree twenties as you graduate college and try to find yourself in the real world. In your twenties, most mistakes are excusable, most decisions reversible, and everything can be chalked up to a learning experience. When you enter your thirties,  things seem to be a bit more serious. Decisions matter and can affect your life for decades to come. Most people pair off, get married, have babies. It's no longer rehearsal time, it's show time. 

While I never had a monumental full stop moment where I panicked "OMG I'm turning 30" (it was more like little snippets of alarm over the course of the last few months-year), I still thought 30 was a big milestone to commemorate and celebrate. Though my life has had its share of ups and (mainly) downs this past year, it has gotten better but the one thing I miss the most are my friends and family in SF. And so for my birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to SF! 
 We started off with Asian food (of course, Filipino food to be exact) at 1706 Bistro in Nob Hill 
 We walked past my old work (#CPMCforever)
Took selfies in the rain at Lafayette Park, another old work haunt
Got boba at my favorite Boba Guys 
And got boba #2 with old med school friends!
Then we had dinner and dessert with the old roomies. Miss them so much! 

 Miss these girlfriends so much too!
 Twinterns grown up in another decade  <3
The next morning, we woke up to fresh with dim sum, another fav. 
 And embarked on a wine tasting/charcuterie blowout
Of course, they got me balloons. #noshame
As soon as we finished taking pics with the balloons, the 3 got blown away!! And we were left with 0
Landmark Winery. Missing S and so thankful everyone else could come! 
Also thankful for princess cake
I have never seen J this drunk, it was priceless.
Not drunk, just extra
 C made it all happen <3
Grove girls forever
And then someone KO'ed in the car 
It was a whirlwind weekend of friends, food, and literally all my favorite things I miss so much from SF. Writing this now, I'm so thankful and overwhelmed for all the love I felt that weekend. It makes it even harder to go back to Richmond every time.
On my actual birthday weekend, I had to work. But we snuck away and saw some cherry blossoms in Richmond, even if we couldn't make it up to DC. 
Birthday breakfast
And then we went back to visit the family
 My two C's! 

Even though the big 3.0 can be scary, I actually think I'm ready for 30 and what's to come. If my birthday was any indication, it's going to be a great ride. 


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