Pistachio Macarons

I spent the entire day making macarons. The entire day. 

Pistachio macarons with pistachio buttercream and strawberry ones with strawberry buttercream. While they're still far from perfect, at least one batch had feet! Now if only I could get every batch to come out so well....

The strawberry ones look more like ice cream sandwiches...I still have no idea why! Any macaron connoisseurs want to educate me on what I did wrong? 

At least a couple had feet! At least I did something right.


  1. yumm, they look good. i admire your persistence and foresee a future for you in macaroon-making (and a future for me in macaroon eating)

    1. When you come back I will make you as many macarons as you want! And broccoli. And other green things :)


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