Beach Week Reprise

In high school, 4 of my best friends and I went to Ocean City at the end of our senior year for beach week. Beach week, at least where I'm from, is traditionally a week after graduation where you go to drink, party, hook up with people, and generally get trashed with all your high school friends before you go off to college in the fall. I don't think I even thought about those things in high school, so I was perfectly content to just hang out with my girlfriends, without the boys and and the partying. I had such a good time on that trip, on the beach, playing "Botticelli," eating crabs, getting fake tattoos, and made such good memories, especially since I'm still friends with all of those girls today.
I still wear this dress... Beach Week 07 baby
Jumping begins

Last week, during our one week off between third and fourth year, my med school friends and I decided to go to the beach to soak up some of the Vit D that we've been lacking from working in the hospital this past year. I found myself back in Ocean City, 7 years later, feeling like some things had never changed.

But some things did. New friends! (Still all Asian girls though).

Drinks...(E's picture)
And live music and dancing

Yes I came back a little older and with more mature interests, but not much changed and I still had a blast hanging out with my girlfriends. Walking along the boardwalk, I still remember some of the souvenir shops and restaurants we visited 7 years ago, but that's pretty much all you need for a quick vacation. Add some sand, surf, and a beach side bar, and you've got the perfect 2-3 day getaway. We had such a good time at Seacrets, which was right next door from our hotel, that I thought I was back in Cancun, where we paid $50 for an all-you-can-drink dance club called Cococabana. And Seacrets was free!

One last thing that will never change: jumping pictures!

Stay classy OC. Don't you ever change.


  1. oh the memories. i can't believe that was seven years ago. glad to see you had fun again at OC... but why no crabs this time?!


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