Boards studying update

I just took another "official" practice test today and I'm just too tired to study anymore--hence, a break.

After a couple of weeks in Baltimore in isolation, I ran with my tail in between my legs back to the comforts of home. Life is exponentially better in the green pastures of Gburg, with homemade food and after-dinner walks with Charlie every night. I still keep the same schedule -- wake up at 7:30, start studying at 8, eat lunch at 12:30 and dinner at 8, sleep at 12 and am actually on track in between (no Facebook or Instagram breaks even! I do check blogger occasionally though) -- but it's just so much better when you're not holed up by yourself with no outlet for breaks. This is the longest stretch I've lived at home since I left for college without a job or internship over the summer, so I feel like I've reverted back to high school (the USMLE would call that "regression"). Not that that's a bad thing. I could get used to my mom bringing me fruit and giving me massages and acupuncture (aka torturing me) every night.

I've only left the house once since I got back 1.5 weeks ago. It was right after a practice test, much like today, where I just mentally shut off after the test and needed to get out out of the house. Hence I rounded up J and we went shopping at the mall and out to our favorite restaurant for dinner. It's good to be home!

My "festival" look. If I were the type of person to ever attend a music festival (hah). Don't worry, I didn't get it. 

My new jean jacket and sandals for summer. 

 J's new 5" platforms purchased at the most surprising location.


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