Montreal iPhone diary

The day after finishing the Biggest Test Of My Life (results pending in ~4 weeks), I took a road trip to Montreal with my two best friends (R + J) from high school and R's boyfriend D. R took most of the pictures with her DSLR, but here are just a few of my lowly iPhone snaps.

Spumoni ice cream at the Ben and Jerry's factory in Vermont. 

Lunch in Burlington, the most perfect and picturesque New England town. Don't be surprised if I just pack up my bags and open a small town practice there after residency. 

Interrupting D's peaceful slumber by the Burlington waterfront.  

 Homemade chocolate croissants and blueberry tart by our Airbnb owner Juliet. 

 Schwartz's, Montreal's famous deli place. 

 Les Deux Gamins, a cute little French bistro, but overrated on Yelp in my opinion. 

 Pictures from Montreal's Botanical Gardens. 

 We found Asia, where we belong (The Montreal Olympic tower is that leaning tower/crane looking thing in the background). 

 The tree of life! All made from living materials. 

 Posing with my friends

 Poutine at La Banquise. Cheese curls ftw. 

Me and R cracking up at photos of ourselves on her phone. This was t-1 hour before I fell asleep at a bar. 

I'm sure we'll be looking back on this trip for years to come and during all our future trips together (next stop: Barcelona during 4th year??). Thanks for coming with me, guys! 


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