Belated 25th bday post and the end of surgery

Surgery is finally over! I will never have to see a 4 in front of my alarm clock again!! I still don't have a life back--yet--because even though I made an effort to get at least 7 hours of sleep, surgery still screwed up my sleep schedule and immune system, and as a result, I ended up getting sick, hard, my last week of surgery. It's been nearly two weeks and I'm still recovering! The day I first started feeling under the weather I ended up scrubbing into an 8+ hr case and near the end, I had to excuse myself because I simply couldn't stand there anymore. And when I took my temp, it was nearly 102F. Yikes!

I stumbled home that day, slept all night, and took the next day off and by the end I was feeling much better, so I thought I was over the hump. Sometime over the weekend, the fever and chills came back, and so I spent the whole weekend in bed at home, not enjoying the first good weekend of the year. I was literally laying in bed like an invalid, staring out the window, wishing I was outside! Last week I was still coughing up half my lungs and slightly febrile, but still had to bust my ass to study for the ridiculous surgery shelf. I studied the most I've ever studied for a shelf this time and I still didn't know half the questions.  They didn't test on anything we learned on the surgery rotation and instead asked us random internal medicine questions not relevant to the SURGERY exam.  So frustrating. Only two more of these stupid shelf exams until I never have to take another test in med school (oh right, other than Step 2 of the US Medical Licensing Exam). I'm still too weak to do anything, so I'm at home again this weekend. I finally got some real meds (a Z-pack and steroids) from my PCP and I feel a little better. What do I think it is? At first I thought it was the flu since my sister had it last month, but now that it's lasted almost two weeks, some sort of bacterial infection that wasn't getting better because I wasn't taking antibiotics. Doctors are usually the last ones to take medicine themselves, but guess I should just suck it up sometimes!

Back to when I had a life, here are some belated pics from my elaborate birthday celebration this year! I celebrated with so many different groups and was so happy to see everyone together again for my birthday.

 P and I have birthdays 1 day apart, so we always celebrate together. 

 Chocolate mousse cake, so yummy
Bmore friends
 Family+Charlie vacay to Amish country that weekend, JJ was sick :(
 Charlie had fun though
 JJ got me macarons, which I then tried to recreate poorly (see post below)
 Med school girls at Tara Thai for my actual birthday. We saw Divergent! 
My parents' bday surprise

 Zentan with my DC crew
 Vermicelli lamb meatballs
J looking stoic per usual
 Friends since 8th grade and the baker of my beautiful birthday cake!

I had an awesome birthday this year. Thanks for everyone who helped me celebrate! You made the transition into my MID-twenties not so bad ;) 


  1. that cake is amazeballs - j has outdone herself. i wish i had been there to celebrate the big 25 with you!


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