Rising from the dead

After being a vampire for the past two months on surgery, I finally feel like I've emerged from my hole of darkness and hibernation, just in time for what finally feels like spring in Baltimore. Even though my surgery hours weren't bad, waking up at 4:30 am meant going to sleep around 9, which cut down significantly on the free time I had after I got home for the day. Now I'm on Family Medicine and I feel like I've rejoined the real world! Never has 7:30 - 5:30 felt so good and normal than after surgery.

I spent this weekend getting reacquainted with the sun, my bed, Game of Thrones, family and friends, and it feels so good. World, I'm alive again!
 Inner harbor during my Saturday am jog

 My uncle and aunt from China came to Bmore to visit 

 First farmer's market run of the year. Underwhelming, but picked up some tomato and lettuce plants. 
 Trying out the new little Italian place that opened up a block from our apartment
Cheers to the beginning of summer in Baltimore!


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