Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon is infamous in LA. Most of my friends warned me not to go--it's not that great of a hike, they said, it's super crowded, it's overrun with dog poop, there's no parking (welcome to LA), and full of K-list celebrities snapping selfies being active. As a girl who has watched said celebrities hiking Runyon Canyon, I couldn't help being drawn to the grounds where so much action (aka drama) takes place! Plus it was rumored to have great views of LA, and since I had a Tuesday afternoon free, I took a chance with parking.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. Sure I had to spend 5 minutes finding a spot, but that's everywhere in a city. Yes there was dog poop, but that also meant there were hoardes of dogs--unleashed! As I ascended the hardest trail out of the three, I got some great views almost immediately.

And they just kept getting better and better. LA sunsets are among the most beautiful I've ever seen, and I sure got lucky that day. Catching me with my camera, a could-have-been-CW-actor remarked to me, "It's really pretty tonight!" 

My only regret is that I came down the highest mountain with the best views in order to climb the other two trails.

LA, you've done it again.

Next up, my final stop on my West Coast tour: San Francisco!


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