End of 2014

First snowfall of the year

After returning from my grand tour of the West Coast (10 interviews in 3 weeks), I spent the rest of winter break blissfully doing nothing at home in Maryland. I always say "this might be my last Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year at home" as I never know when I'll have to work weekends or holidays (thankfully never when you're a med student), but this actually might be my last holiday at home since I'm moving next year! So I was perfectly content to kick up my feet, watch Netflix, walk Charlie, hang out with the family, and indulge in holiday treats.

 Yup, this happened. Family portraits!

The best part: Charlie was included!

On Christmas Eve, our family went over to a friend's place that I basically consider my extended family. My immediate family is my entire family in the states (everyone else is in Beijing) so our family friends feel like surrogate family. Chinese people have dumplings on pretty much every holiday, so Christmas eve dinner was dumplings and bruschetta, my contribution. Dessert was oreo truffles. 
 Xmas themed Oreo truffles
 Xmas themed Charlie, sad he couldn't eat with us
New appetizer - grape and goat cheese crostini
Kid's table, though not for much longer!!

If you've been been following me long enough, you'll remember we do an "annual photoshoot" every year around Thanksgiving (20122013). This year, Thanksgiving felt like Christmas (we got our first snow of the year! Highly unusual) and we kept saying Christmas felt more like Thanksgiving, so we shifted our photoshoot back to winter break. 

Snow in Maryland on Thanksgiving...what?!

A month later, a Christmas themed photoshoot

 "Yes we can"

I barely had time to blink before winter break was coming to a close and we had to prepare for the family's penultimate event of the year, our New Year's party. Coming up next!


  1. Your book cover! I can already see it now

  2. Omg, that first photo seriously looks like it could be an ad. Hope everything's going well!

    1. i'm always pleasantly surprised you read and comment. getting ready for some exciting moves so doing well! hope chicago's treating you well too.


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